Autumn Joy

Today (Wednesday 3rd of April) was spectacular!  The weather was what you hope every day could be, around 25 degrees, slight gentle breeze, sunny and lovely.  We have had quite a bit of rain recently, which was desperately needed, however things have been a bit soggy. So today was a perfect chance to throw open our windows and doors.

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The damp, warm weather and an old house has equaled crazy mould growth, as well as that musty old house smell.  You only really notice it when the house has been closed all day while we’ve been at the shop and then arrive home.  I hate that smell…. really hate it.  Throwing the windows and doors open is the perfect solution, in every single room!

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The best solution to that mouldy smell, is find the mould and clean it off, throw open the windows on a day like today and get that warm, dry air moving around… everything feels fresher, cleaner and nicer.  Flapping curtains in a light breeze, sun streaming in and everything still gorgeously green outside with that slight tinge of red and yellow, is a simple JOY!

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We only suffer one real downside… we have no flyscreens anywhere in the house, so mozzies can be annoying.  It certainly rules out leaving windows open at night, although through the day they aren’t too bad.  The upside of course is an uninterrupted view of the greenery outside as well as fresh unpolluted AIR!

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On days when the weather isn’t as amazing, we use reed diffusers, candles and sachets that we are lucky to be able to bring home from the shop. Lots of other people in town are suffering similar musty smells as sales of sachets and reed diffusers have gone crazy!   They really do help to keep the house smelling nicer when opening the window isn’t possible.

By the way – all of these photos were taken today.  Our yard stays green for a long time, before we see major changes in our leaves, although we still have a few roses blooming and some of the camellias are coming out!

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