Bath Bombs – Creamers and more!

Yesterday I wrote about how we sourced our products… today I’d like to highlight one of our favourites! On our visit to the trade fair in Melbourne 2012 we met Paul and Liz, who are the sole distributors in Australia for Bomb Cosmetics.  Bomb Cosmetics are hand made in England, using pure ingredients, with no animal testing.  They make your traditional bath bombs, as well as bath creamers, soaps, bath salts and more!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAGift boxes, bath blasters and butter chunks!

When we first met Paul we had a laugh with him from the minute we met. He was enthusiastic about his range, informative but not at all pushy.  Very cleverly he gave me a couple of samples to try, which I did that night in the hotel, (they were amazing!)  The next day we went back and met Liz who is Paul’s wife and placed our first small and fairly conservative order to see how our customers would respond. Paul and Liz were both very supportive and quick to send our first order.  We chose a range of bath bombs as well as the bath creamers and mallows… these have a higher content of cocoa and shae butters, which leave your skin very soft after you get out of the bath and are my personal favourites!

post3bbAfter bathing with these, your skin feels like it has been rubbed in body lotion and smells divine!

Since they first arrived they have been one of our best selling products.  At $5.95 each for either a bath blaster (bomb) or creamer, they have been excellent value as a surprise gift or a special pick me up.  We have had customers come back to buy trays to stock up…  these are also one of the products we sell through our online store.  We have increased our range with more gift packs, that are pre-packed and wrapped,  hand made glycerin based soaps, bath salts and packs of chunks which are great value. post3cBath salts, gift boxes and soaps…

Every summer I drag out my foot spa, it helps me keep on top of dry skin as I soak, scrape and then moisturise….. but what to put in the foot spa???  I decided to try out a tub of our bath salts ($19.95) one teaspoon in the footspa (or big tub/bucket) was a huge success, the smell is wonderful and it really relaxed my feet.  I can highly recommend these if you like a foot soak! After a year ( we don’t like to rush) we decided to expand our range, which we have now more than doubled…. back in Melbourne again last year we went though our plan with Paul and Liz, ordered what they recommended as well as what types of stands and shelves we would need.  Everything arrived and the great wall of bliss was born!  Customer reaction  has been wonderful as well as our great fortune to work with two of the nicest people we have met at the trade fairs!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOur full range of bath blasters, creamers, soaps and gift boxes arrived!

If you haven’t tried these do yourself a favour…a bath is incredibly relaxing…. I like mine with a creamer, a drink (G & T preferably), a book and about 40 mins of time to just soak away… or instead give them to someone you LOVE!  

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Donna on March 6, 2014 7:48 pm Reply

I received a gift from a lovely lady, of these bath bombs (from your shop) they are amazing, even my husband wanted to try them. I would recommend them to everyone.

Jacki on March 6, 2014 8:38 pm Reply

Thank you for such a lovely comment and recommendation… We are glad you like them as much as we do!