Creativity for kids!

We are always looking for new toys and activities for kids that doesn’t involve electronics!

We currently stock a wide range of toys, books and activity kits to both inspire and encourage creativity in children.  Some of our current favourites are our story lines books.  These have the story already written, with the pages left for your child to illustrate.  To get the maximum from these books, read the whole story to your child, then tell them they are going to draw the pictures for the story, but only 2 pages at a time.  Re-read the first 2 pages with them and then ask them what sort of picture they are going to draw and where they are going to put it on the page… encourage their ideas and if they struggle give them little hints so they feel it’s their idea.  When they have finished the double page illustration, put the book away for another time, then repeat the same procedure.  At the end they will have something that wasn’t rushed and a thoughtful yet exciting version of the story through their eyes.  It also encourages communication and self esteem building, as well as developing the ability to put on paper their ideas.  we currently have 6 titles in the series with another 3 new titles on their way!  These retail in the store for $18.75 and currently include a pack of crayola crayons, while stocks last.

post4aStorylines books…. great for your little artist.

Our friend of ours recommended some other great products for kids that her girls loved and thought would be great in our store.  They have just arrived last week and work well with our books and other fabulous colouring activities.  They are very nicely packaged and have a wide range of gel pens, crayons and paints… I wish we had these when our boys were little!  In stock and just arrived are texta’s as well as coloured pencils, the regular kind and pastels….NICE!

post4bPaints, gel pens, crayons and more…

We had these before Christmas and are down to our last few….. more will be coming soon!  These are our colouring in Cuckoo Clocks.  Don’t worry they don’t make a noise!  Colour, paint and decorate to your hearts desire and with one AA battery the kids have their own clock!  Great for helping to learn to tell the time or keeping kids on track with time management (ha ha ha) !!  At $21.95 we have some grandparents and parents buying 3 and 4 at a time over Christmas… plus they make a great birthday gift!   One of our most enthusiastic and loyal local customers purchased one for her grandson and reported back that it was the hit of Christmas day!

post4cColoured by Josh & I one rainy afternoon in the shop!

post4dThe Christmas gift that was a hit courtesy of Joy Brown.

Finally just in are these fantastic poster packs.  These are designed and manufactured here in Australia.  We are very pleased to have these in our store… There are 3 themes… girls, boys and Australia.  Each poster pack has 4  x A3 sized posters ready to colour in.  Each even includes a colouring guide, just in case inspiration is required.   There is also a pencil set included to get them started straight away!  These are great for holidays away from home, time and the grandparents house, or rainy days…. anything to keep them away from the TV for a bit longer and at $23.95 per pack they are great value!

post4eOur Australian made and designed poster sets… great value!

post4fOne of the drawings ready to colour from the girls range of posters…. a fairy favourite!

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