Much like Christmas, Easter is usually a time for families to get together and for many it is a time of reflection. But then there is always the Easter bunny!!

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Religious celebrations in our multicultural society are becoming somewhat controversial… well, actually only to those who feel that we should or shouldn’t celebrate these occasions. What do I mean by this? Well if you are a Christian and you practice a Christian life, then Easter is a most sacred and special time.  It is solely about the Resurrection and the saving of our souls, not chocolate and bunnies.  If you were born into a Christian religion and no longer practice or believe, then traditionally Easter is still a celebration, but the focus might be more on family and the Easter egg hunt.  If you are from another religion that doesn’t believe in what Easter means to Christians or you are agnostic or an atheist… then for you, you’ll enjoy a long weekend and maybe traditionally you get together with families because you have some extra time off.

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Everyone has an opinion about religious holidays, the truth is not everyone can be made happy, nor is it something that can be achieved.  Life is a compromise. Religious holidays in Australia have come to mean for many people (religious or not) a time to get together, usually the focus is on children (Santa and the Easter Bunny) and a time usually of sharing a celebratory meal, just because they always have. Yes there are also bunnies, chickens and eggs galore, but they are really for the children or perhaps to take you back to when you were little!

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When I was little shops closed at 12pm on a Saturday, never opened on a Sunday and never ever on Good Friday! Times have changed, how people work and shop has changed.  Change isn’t always bad, we just have to adjust to the differences. As far as Easter is concerned, really it is about respecting others beliefs and choices.

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I was brought up as a Catholic, my parents sent my brother and I to Saint Thomas Aquinas Primary in Bowral and then onto Chevalier.  This was hard for them, Dad had to work extra jobs on the weekend as well as Mum working to send us to private schools, because they believed in both the doctrine as well as the opportunities we would receive. I no longer practice, but my Dad does.  His faith and beliefs are strong and he really does try to live as he believes.  He can’t understand shops opening at Christmas and Easter.  Yet we open our shop over Easter, which I know he finds confronting…. but its our choice, he doesn’t have to walk into a shop over the Easter period, but lots of others who don’t share his faith will.  We open because we are a small family business, we don’t celebrate Easter at home, but we do try to make time to get together usually for a nice meal.  BUT we also need to met the needs of our customers as much as we can. Any long weekend sees more people shopping and generally just being out and about, we need to open, we need people to find us, love our shop and want to come back.

Happy Easter to you and your family, can mean many things depending on your beliefs…. so we wish you well and hope you have a lovely relaxing and happy long weekend!

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Jenny Noble on April 14, 2014 11:16 am Reply

Hi Jacki, we called into your exquisite shop on Saturday and I bought your beautiful little white table (sorry you had to re-organise things). We had the best night at Exeter Studio so a big thank you for your suggestion. Have just started reading your blog and am now once again dreaming of moving to the Southern Highlands, and Bundanoon seems just perfect. Your easter window is just stunning. Thank you for sharing such beauty.

Jacki on April 14, 2014 9:54 pm Reply

Hi Jenny,
I am really glad that you loved the table, it is no trouble to rearrange things!
I am even more delighted that dinner worked out well for you, especially as it was for your birthday!
Thank you for your kind words, it always makes me feel good that people like and appreciate what we do, I really think we have found what we really love in our little shop. Bundanoon is a wonderful place to live, maybe you’ll end up here one day!