Flowers, flowers and more flowers!


It is no secret that before opening Nest & Burrow, that Andrew & I were exceptional shoppers.  I am extremely fortunate to have a wonderful husband who quite likes a wander through the shops.  He has always been endlessly patient, however, he is a man who enjoys lovely things and has always liked me to have what I love.

We were very committed shoppers in Country Accent in Bowral, who have always been an inspiration for us, both as shoppers and shop owners.  Kim and Alex have impeccable taste in all things and are to be admired for their hard work.  It was through them I discovered the love of an imitation flower…

PicMonkey Collage flowers1 (1280x427)

I am (at least was) a keen gardener and have loads of roses, hydrangeas and cottage flowers in our garden… I love a fresh flower… but they die, the water goes stinky, even though I always plan to change it every day (really??) So a really high quality imitation flower that lasts… ( well forever) … can’t be overlooked.  I seriously have at least 30 Hydrangea bushes and at least 20 rose buses in our garden, but inside the house it’s imitation all the way. No matter when, they always look lovely!

My Grandmother had fake flowers, that’s what they were, cheap, nasty and plastic looking.  The more real an imitation flower looks the more expensive it is, but also the longer it will look amazing and the more fabulous your decor will also look.

PicMonkey Collage flowers 2 (1280x427)

We sell them because we have them at home and we think they are as fabulous way to introduce colour and life into any room… they are easy to look after and are worth every cent… If you are on a budget buy a stem at a time, until you have the look you want, or buy a full arrangement in one go and get a discount.  Either way people will comment and admire them every time they come into your home!

PicMonkey Collage flowers 3 (1280x427)

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