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Since my last post Winter has well and truly arrived.  It’s not the cold I mind as much as the hateful wind.  Wind really is putrid and poxy, it makes everyone cranky and restless and quite frankly less tolerant of everything! However, on the up side we have also had school holidays, which for us are a brilliant time.  There are more people out and about and overall everyone is a little more relaxed, however, holidays will do that for you!

Shop July toby 072 (1277x1280) Shop July toby 181 (1280x853)

Our windows have changed and have had lots of lovely feedback and appreciation which is really nice.  We had our annual “Winterfest” celebration over 10 days in Bundanoon, with an opening night street party as well as workshops and activities over that time.  More people seem to be coming to Bundanoon in holiday periods either as a getaway, or to participate in the wide variety of activities on offer locally.

june shop 131 (1280x853) Shop July toby 033 (1280x853)

After almost two and a half years we are finally being discovered by more people in the Southern Highlands. As more people discover us, it really encourages and affirms that we are doing the right thing –  both for us as well as our customers. We are having customers pop in that visit town either every few months or annually –  and it is lovely to see the same faces and catch up with what they have been up to. It is just as nice for them to be remembered as it is for us to see them again.

Shop July toby 064 (1027x1280) Shop July toby 150 (853x1280)

Persistence with social media is also paying off –  we have made friends and connections with people that we stay in touch with. If you follow us on facebook, twitter or instagram and read comments made by customers, I can honestly say 95% of those people we never knew before we had the shop, they have become both friends and supporters.  While so many businesses have thousands of followers whom they have never met, we know most of ours. Of course we’d like this to grow as we meet more people and our customer base grows, because after all, we would like to be here for a lot longer yet!                So thanks for your support xxx

Shop July toby 201 (1280x853)




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Lynette on July 17, 2014 4:36 pm Reply

Hi Jacki 🙂
Your latest blog and photos look great! Loving the lamp on the desk in that first photo! Oh and that gorgeous deep mauve scarf.. Oh and the
floral prints on the soaps and creams.. Oh and love the clock in the dresser too!!
I foresee another visit to your wonderful ‘N&B’.
It doesn’t really matter what the weather.. A visit to Bundanoon ( a chat to your lovely self and some loving pats of Toby) cheers me up no end!! See you soon :))
Keep up the wonderful work!

Jacki on July 17, 2014 6:48 pm Reply

Thanks Lynette, how lovely of you! It feels like we have known each other for much longer than that meeting a few months ago in the shop with your Mum. I look for ward to your next visit. xx 🙂

Deb on July 17, 2014 4:37 pm Reply

I hate the proxy bastard wind too! Makes my cats very persnickety and constantly harass me for food. Shop is looking lovely Jax. I love the spotty teapots and the love who you are journal. Hope to get up there soon. Loves. Xxx

Jacki on July 17, 2014 6:46 pm Reply

Thanks for your lovely comments Deb. It would be great to see you too, if you give me some warning we could have lunch together! See and I met you because of Sarah, who I met because of the shop! xx