The “Show”

The Show – (Royal Easter) has been an annual pilgrimage for us for as long as I can remember.  My Dad has worked in the dairy industry for 50 years and every year we would get complimentary passes to go the show – so we went! We would get up at the crack of dawn and drive off to Moore park and have the most amazing day. My brother and I would go with friends as teenagers, catching the train to central then a bus out to the showground – the best part of that, was going through the showbags in the train on the way home and swapping all the things you didn’t like.

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When the “Show” moved to Homebush I hated it, it seemed so sterile (and clean), it seemed to lack the soul that the old showgrounds had. However, when it’s part of what has become a family tradition, you don’t give up!  I now love Homebush, it’s easy to get around and so much easier to get to!

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Every year the boys do the Chilli challenge – Andrew is the champion of this!

With my own family we now have our own pilgrimage and our own traditions.  Andrew’s Mum is a member and sponsors prizes for some of the horse & cart entries, as such we have enjoyed the Member’s stand for many years ( a great place to escape the crowd!)  However, one thing that has become apparent is that we “do” the show a certain way – not the same as other people.  For instance we don’t “do” the rides – never have – never will.  When the boys were young they would go on the giant slide and maybe one other merry go round type of thing – but that was it.

We go to see the exhibits, the animals, the food, the events and a few showbags at the end.  Generally we have a set pattern and that way we get to see everything.  In fact what we have is a show routine – and it works, it had been 4 years since our last visit, so this was exciting!

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First is the fresh food pavilion with the big displays – we get there first thing before it gets crazy and you can’t see anything.  We then wander all the food stands, sampling as we go, buying spices, curries, preserves and nuts to try at home.

DSCN0234 (1280x960)Then we go through the rest of the pavilion to the end before the showbags –  we always find some kind of unusual must have gadget – this year was hoselink connectors.  Then off to a few animal pavilions – being “country folk” we know what they look like, but it is all part of why the show exists, so we go to see some of the champions and prize winners as huge amounts of time (and money) have gone into bringing  them to the show.

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We also find lots of interesting and (sometimes dreadful) food to eat –  this year was the best ever for the quality of food.  We managed to go through almost all of the pavilions and find other bits and pieces to buy or admire, (we have even found a new jewellery supplier for the shop,) as well as enjoying some of the events in the main arena…

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Our friends Paul & Liz had a stand with the bath bombs and creamers we sell in the shop – very popular!

This year we missed the woodchop as it wasn’t on the day we went, but we found the largest pieces of meat ever (not for me..) giant BBQ turkey legs and racks of ribs, which was heaven for the boys.

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We didn’t stay for the nighttime events in the main arena ( I was exhausted) but we did hit the showbag pavilion on the way out (well at least Josh did!)

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