Some of the things I love – part 2

I’ve had lots of lovely feedback from friends and readers about the blog and one thing that is clear is that people love to read personal stories.  Of course that is obvious based on the huge success of social media which is growing in popularity.  People like to read about what everyone else is doing, planning or wishing! This blog’s purpose is to highlight and keep readers up to date with our shop… but the shop is also us, it is what it is, because of what we like, what we see and find and what inspires us.

home 036 (1280x853)

These are the first pieces of my Robert Gordon collection which began 20 years ago.  This range is called Orchard Blossom, I have huge bowls and platters in this range too and it gets used ALL the time.  Whilst we don’t sell this design in the shop, Robert Gordon were one of the first businesses we approached to stock their wares quite simply because we love them (and that they are handmade in Melbourne!)

home 048 (1280x853)

This chandelier is above our dining table…. I never thought I’d be partial to a chandelier as I’m not in anyway a “bling” kind of girl, however, I adore this beauty as well as a smaller version in our bedroom.

home 073 (1280x853)

On our first inspection of our current home, the main bathroom was a WOW moment… This room is quite dark, but large and lovely.  The bath is perfect for resting a drink on and the chair is perfect for Toby (my dog ) to lie on and keep me company whilst I relax with bath creamers and bombs from the shop.  True decadence would be if there was an open fire too!

home 094 (853x1280)

This spotty mirror is at the end of a very long hall, I love it’s aged and imperfect look.  It is fantastic when we have blackouts, (which can be often in windy weather) as candles in front reflect the light all the way back up the hallway.

home 058 (1280x853)

My boys bought me these cut glass hurricanes years ago for my Birthday.  Our dinning table is really big and needed something big enough on it to look balanced and these are perfect.  They are  both elegant and statement pieces.

We will have cut glass hurricanes coming in over the year with a lot more at Christmas time.  Whilst they are more expensive, they are worth saving for or getting as a gift as they are something to treasure forever.

home 014 (1280x853)

Yes, we really do have imitation flowers from our shop all over the place as well as fresh from the garden when they are out… As you can see the shop is a reflection of things we already have at home, use at home or simply love.

Have a safe long weekend and Happy Easter ! xx



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