Toby – the next Boo?

Most of our friends know we have two small dogs. Toby is a maltese x pomeranian and Poppy is a maltese x silky.  Who is Boo?  Well he lives in the USA and he is known as the world’s cutest dog – he has 6 books and a soft toy range as well as approx 15 million facebook followers!

2006_0314dogs10054 (1280x960)

3 Months old and adorable

I grew up always with a family dog that lived in the garage on a potato sack, a dog from a litter of someone we knew who was giving them away… you certainly never paid for pets, there was always a free puppy or kitten somewhere.  Andrew grew up with cats and we have had cats as pets before.  I always toyed with the idea of a dog, but pets are a big commitment.

2007_0603dogs0031 (1280x960)

Toby is 18 months old and comfortable with pink!  His love of a blanket began early.

Back when there was a pet shop in Mittagong, we spied Toby in the window.  It was against all I have known –     1. buying a dog and    2. buying it from a pet shop window.   Except he was on his own.  All the other puppies had brothers and sisters.. not Toby.  He would tippy tap on the glass and he was on his own for 2 weeks before we caved.  He was the one, we were meant to be together.  He was my Birthday present, along with Poppy who we bought on the same day as we wanted him to have a companion outside – they were going to be outside dogs –  aren’t all dogs supposed to be outside??

2010_0305show0001 (1280x960)

Poppy thinks the top of the lounge is so much better than a cushion.

As soon as they came home the dogs were outside, which they hated.  Toby only ever wanted to be with people… Poppy only ever wants to eat! Toby would cry at the back door while Poppy foraged for her snacks in the vegetable garden, picking her own tomatoes and beans.  Of course then they had to be de-sexed –  no more puppies for us!  We were advised to keep them inside for a few days after their operations to stabilise their body temperatures and of course they have never left since.

IMG_20131209_135531 (1280x1280) IMG_20131209_144120

Christmas photos with reindeer ears and Boo.

Everyday that I go to work Toby cries and cries, even if there is someone at home. He tries to climb into my handbag to go with me. Sometimes he wets himself or is sick when I go.   Now that we have the gift shop, on days through the week that aren’t too busy he has been coming with me as official greeter.  He has his own very glamorous bed and loves to greet customers with a lick.   He now has his own fan club and we have customers who now come in and ask if  Toby is there today.  When I have a photo that includes him on facebook, twitter or instagram, it always attracts the most attention via likes or comments.  Poppy isn’t a fan of strangers so she stays happily at home.

Shop July toby 228 (1280x853)

Soaking up the sun out the front of the shop with baby Boo.

So maybe Toby won’t be the next Boo – after all he is 8 and a half and has probably missed his opportunity – so maybe he can be Bundanoon’s cutest dog, although as it’s a town of dog lovers I am sure there is a lot of competition for that title!  One thing that is certain –  I adore him as much as he loves me. xx


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Highland Trike Tours on July 25, 2014 7:37 pm Reply

Nice work Jacki…

Jacki on July 25, 2014 8:24 pm Reply

Thanks John & Gwen. Plugging along. 🙂