Unique lamps Part 1

lamps1These lamps cover a wide range of styles and prices.

In a world of mass merchandise where having the same as your neighbour was popular for quite some time, we are moving into an era where the terms unique, bespoke, individual or custom made are now regular catch phrases. Chain stores and shopping centres provide typical “cookie cutter” styles, in independent stores we try very hard to provide choice, that we hope you won’t see everywhere else.  One product line that we feel keeps our look “unique” is our range of lamps.

Choosing a lamp to decorate a room can be  far more important than just something to give light!  We have a wide variety of lamps in Nest & Burrow that are unusual as well as unique decorator items.  We keep some lamps as core products, our Heico Bunny lamp is one of those….. He is perfect for a child’s room as he is made of poly resin so can’t be broken if he is accidentally pulled down, he also uses a 10w halogen globe, so he doesn’t get hot, another safety aspect for small children!  All of our Heico lamps are the same.  Our white ceramic lamps also have no heat, but would need to be placed out of a child’s reach.


Our Heico bunny lamp…

Our lamps are popular gifts for newborns through to grandparents… Our Scotty dog lamp has sold to more adults than children, the same with our large ceramic owl lamps… We have a large Owl in our long, often dark hallway and he looks stunning!

Our most popular lamps for children feature animals either as paintings on the shades or in the shape of animals, usually the smaller animal styles… popular lamps for playrooms have been the larger animals, particularly the rabbits in the various forms around the shop.  So if you are looking for an unusual, unique and quirky lamp check out our range, they are sure to attract lots of attention in your home!

Brush tail, Baby and Scotty!

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Sandy on February 6, 2014 10:06 pm Reply

Very interesting Jacki . I will always drop in to look at the real thing……your gorgeous , beautifully decorated shop.

Admin on February 9, 2014 10:48 pm Reply

Thanks Sandy, you are as usual too kind!