Valentines – why the fuss?

Valentines… most people either love it or hate it.

As a teenager no matter what anyone says, there was always the excitement of the possibility of getting an anonymous card, or if you had a boyfriend what gift would you get… As you got older there was always the anticipation of something special, flowers, dinner or maybe something more romantic.  The older you get, with a budget in mind the cynicism of an “American” holiday creeps in… it’s such a waste of money… etc etc.

valentines1LOVE… love everlasting and true. I LOVE YOU… In any language it’s you I love.

The truth is, sometimes we need special occasions to remind us to make a special effort.  The older we get often the less time and energy we have, so the less effort we make.  Anniversaries, birthdays and yes… Valentines, are a chance to stop… look… admire and think about that special someone in your life and make a little time.  It doesn’t have to cost money, just your time and consideration.

We all like to feel loved and be reminded that we are….

valentines2The Promise of Love…

Our top suggestions for Valentines, not in any particular order!

* A special bottle of bubbles to enjoy as a couple, not for sharing with friends!

* A special dinner out.

* A gift that is a keepsake, for example one of our figurines above.

* If finance is an issue, a beautiful card with just the right words… perfect!


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