Where have I been?

It has been quite a while since I wrote on the blog. I haven’t given up and sadly I can’t say I was on a marvelous overseas adventure and couldn’t find the time.

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The truth is far simpler, I’ve just been busy and the longer you take to do something, the easier it is to not do it at all.  I am always coming up with new ideas of fabulous things to say, but never get to actually type them, so here I am… I am back!

Since my last post the weather has changed dramatically, the way people shop has changed and what customers are looking for and buying is different.  We are always looking at ways to adapt and provide something different and I think we are getting better at it, the longer we do this.  We have found some lovely new things to stock in the shop and have introduced new ranges of stationery as well as a larger range of men’s gifts.  Our windows have changed a number of times since I last wrote and we always get lots of lovely feedback from everyone who walks by.

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Toby has been coming up to the shop at least twice a week and features heavily on Facebook and Instagram –  I don’t think he will hit the heights of Boo, the worlds cutest dog – (I wish), but he is an excellent greeter and he now has his own following of customers who call in just to say hello to him.

2014-05-12 15.26.39 (960x1280)

We have since sold the giant Fairy house that Toby beautifully displayed!

2014-06-06 20.43.50 (853x1280)Post shop exhaustion

Our son Josh (20) and my Dad (71)  went away overseas for 5 weeks to the UK and Ireland.  My Dad is Irish, so it was lovely for them to visit family and have an adventure together.  However the word planning is unfamiliar to both of them and they didn’t plan or organise – ANYTHING – so the truth is that has taken up the last 6 week of my time.  To simplify that story which could go on and on… 3 days before they left Australia they had done no planning or booking, (this was THEIR holiday) they just had a rough idea of what they were doing, so we thought we should book their first nights accommodation for them –  as Dad was sick with the flu before he left. That pattern then continued right up until yesterday when I was telling them what train station in London to get off and where they would find an open top tour bus – yes they had guide books, but clearly don’t like to read. Good Grief! (They are back on Sunday.)

What is lovely, is from the moment Josh left, customers, friends and really anyone who knows us have asked everyday – “How is Josh going? Is he having a good time?”  You see where we live, people care.  In a small town everyone knows everything about everyone, but that isn’t always a bad thing.

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Lynette on July 3, 2014 7:28 pm Reply

Hi Jacki 🙂 I love the photos posted with your blog and look forward to reading all your updates! (Good on you for looking after your Dad and son so well too. What would they have done without you?!) Huggles galore for Toby *-*

Jacki on July 3, 2014 10:12 pm Reply

Thanks Lynette! You are too kind. Fate is an amazing thing that brought you into the shop that day with your Mum… it’s funny how immediate connections are made – the right time, the right place. Our little shop has lots of those moments, that’s why we love it! x If you go back to the first blog post you can see what the shop used to look like!

Highland Trike Tours on July 3, 2014 10:52 pm Reply

I was wondering where you were, Nice Blog really good Jacki

Jacki on July 4, 2014 12:02 am Reply

I am returning, I hope with greater dedication – thanks as always for your support!