Our Windows

I am frequently asked….”Who does your windows?”  Well it is me!  We have been very lucky to have two very large bay style windows to use for displays… they are old and fabulous!  The glass panes are huge and the frame is an old brass one.  We knew right from the start they were one of the most important ways to get people to come into the shop…..


We had downlights installed into the windows and a timer put in, so the windows could be lit up at night to attract people passing through town, or who were out for dinner.  We hung curtains at the back so each window was a complete display… we bought furniture to use to put things on and we just hoped that what we put in there would look OK.

02 (853x1280) (853x1280)

The first window we did, was the first one I have ever done, I’ve never had help….so it’s bloody lucky really that it turns out that I can do an OK window!  There are plenty of windows that are far better than ours, but at least in Bundanoon there isn’t much too compare them with, so they look fairly unique.


Before I start I generally have an idea of how I want it to look, often my imagination is far higher than my skill level, then other times when I think it won’t be that good, it turns out really well! Each window usually takes a day to do ( I am not very fast!)


I frequently (daily) am stopped and asked about the windows… I am sometimes reminded by some “interested” locals…. that the window has been the same for a few weeks now, don’t you think it’s due for a change???  I also am told by lots of locals that they love to walk up the street and look in the windows and love to see what’s in the them, especially at night with the lamps and lights on…  and that it makes them happy!


For us it’s JOY that we have achieved our goal….. people are noticing we are here…. people are coming in…. we make some people happy… locals feel part of the shop and often go out of their way to comment on what we do…. and maybe in another lifetime I was a window dresser???

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There have been times I have had customers mention that my last window was better… sometimes that’s true! I am at the mercy of how the stock comes together and the inspiration I have on the day I do it…. One thing I know for sure, its got people talking!

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Sharon on March 10, 2014 6:46 pm Reply


They are all simply beautiful. Thank you for sharing with us.

Jacki on March 10, 2014 6:51 pm Reply

Thanks Sharon!
It was a lovely walk down memory lane for me too!